Flipping the Switch: Giving Customers a Rewarding Instant Rebate Experience is Easier Than You Think

Presented by Sears Green Leadership & EcoRebates

This webinar was presented on June 19, 2013. A recording of the presentation as well as the webinar presentation materials are posted below:

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Webinar Description

Offering customers an instant rebate experience - no matter whether shopping in a store or online - is an exciting innovation in the energy efficiency industry. And Sears is the first national mass market retailer to offer online instant redemption for utility sponsored rebates. In this webinar, executives from the Sears Green Leadership team and EcoRebates will provide an overview of how retail enabled instant rebates work and how to partner to launch successful and safe programs. 

For many, the most surprising news is how simple the process is to enable instant rebate programs through the joint Sears program and EcoRebates platform. This webinar will present the most common 'how-to' questions, covering topics such as:
  • The customer experience
  • Eligible appliances and products
  • Program agreements
  • Data requirements and reporting
  • Invoicing and funds reconciliation