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April 2018 Issue 

One Retailer, One Weekend, One Million Offers

You know EcoRebates’ Rebate Finder tools deliver real savings to millions of shoppers every day. Our automated tools give top retailers and brands the ability to deliver valuable savings on a specific product in an exact location and do it at scale. Across our ecosystem, we deliver half a billion offer impressions a month, harnessing ‘big data’ to drive measurable sales conversion.

But let’s put that scale in context. Here’s what our tools delivered for just one retailer in one weekend. On a non-holiday weekend in March 2018, we tracked 990,000 offer impressions for a retail client. Shoppers were presented with an average $630 savings per item, prompting a click-through rate (CTR) that drove measurable conversion lift on thousands of applicable products. And all of that occurred seamlessly through the EcoRebates’ tools embedded across the retailers’ digital channels.

Combining more than 14,000 utility rebate programs with thousands of manufacturer and other 3rd party offers, EcoRebates’ tools empower shoppers to take advantage of complete product-specific savings opportunities anywhere in purchase process.

With the spring selling season, contact us to make sure your shoppers are seeing millions of offer opportunities! You’ll be amazed how easy it is.



Online Home Appliance Sales: Double Digit Growth

With the economy doing well, major appliance sales are flourishing with sales growing and margins healthy. And one area in particular – online sales – are seeing double digit gains. In 2016, online sales segments of major appliances grew between 30-40% YOY. Those are the type of trends that get mentioned in earnings calls.  

As online sales continue to surge, retailers are focusing on efforts that deliver scalable enhancements to customer experience, especially for durable goods categories. Three themes emerge: Enhanced Services, Channel Consistency, and Targeted Promotions.

Our retail partners have successfully used EcoRebates’ tools to meet these strategic objectives: 

  • Simplifying checkout for instant rebate offers 
  • Aligning store and online promotion messaging
  • Launching limited-time, targeted promotions for specific products in defined regions

Find out how we can help your organization sustain that double-digit sales growth as we have done for other clients.


Product Recognition – Applying Machine Learning to Improve Rebate Display

We often get asked how our platform validates products for rebate and offer eligibility. When our tools display a local rebate, it’s because our algorithms identified and matched the product SKU and the product specifications to the program’s requirements. This is not a small effort. There are hundreds of thousands of products representing dozens of categories in our system (from beverage coolers to irrigation controllers) and the variety of rebate program requirements and product efficiency standards continue to evolve.

Using a variety of techniques, we build a complete picture of a product and its energy use characteristics. We are always looking for ways to improve this process, especially for challenging categories (e.g., those with complex and/or inconsistent model number conventions).

Our engineering team recently rolled out a project in the area of machine learning (ML). In simple terms, one application of ML is to use a sample set of historic data to predict the characteristics of new, incoming data. The historic data – the sample set – is continually added to so that it becomes better at recognizing nuances or edge cases in the data and thereby learning along the way and improving predictive capabilities for new data. By deploying a ML step in the product ingestion process, we have enhanced our product recognition accuracy for certain categories. As we analyze the improvements in rebate display for these products, we will look to see where we can use this predictive ML for other products as well.

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