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The Tweets Tell a Story of Urgency for Retailers

Whether about omnichannel strategy or customer behaviors, here are some (curated) tweets from the National Retail Federation's (NRF's) recent BIG show (which was held Jan 13-16). Read collectively, they impart a heightened sense of urgency. Retailers are recognizing the enormous shift necessary to put the empowered consumer at the center and drive success. 
  • ‏@TwitterSmallBiz From 2011 to 2012, conversations about retail and shopping increased over 60% on Twitter. #NRF13
  • @NRFnews Companies today don’t need to choose between their website and their physical stores. They need both. #nrf13  http://ow.ly/gM9Cf 
  • ‏@CRM The great "convergence" of retail- there are no channels anymore, this is about you and the #customer #NRF13
  • ‏@retailgeek Every retailer at #nrf13 is talking about their omnichannel strategy, but few have org structures and kpi’s aligned with strat.
  • @WSLStrategic Shoppers today pause to ask themselves, "Is this a smart use of my money?" #HowAmericaShops #NRF13
  • ‏@karincaifaCNN Touch was everywhere at CES last week. This week seeing touch screens all over #nrf13 as retailers aim for more in-store interaction.
  • ‏@IBMSmrtCommerce From #NRF13: Merchandisers need tools to help customers find/buy products #ecommerce #smartercommerce http://bit.ly/10xesT4 
  • ‏@RTouchPoints It's about giving the customer a reason to want to engage with your brand, says @macys exec #NRF13
  • ‏@DeloitteUS Deloitte anticipates #smartphone influence to grow to 19% of total store sales by 2016, amounting to $689 billion. #nrf13