It's an Offer-Driven World

Customers want tools to help them make the right purchase decision. Retailers, brands and utilities need solutions that help them power-up product sales and reach savings targets. Here's how we can help. 


Deliver any PRODUCT OFFER at any Point of Sale 

Offer management is complex. Product offers come from many sources and take different forms. Plus, programs change and involve significant data management requirements.
We take the complexity and hassle out of managing a variety of offers from multiple sources across thousands of SKUs. Our platform gives retailers, brands and utilities a new, simplified way to deliver any type of product level promotion.


Deliver localized, bundled product specific offers anywhere - across web, mobile and other channels


consumers want offers relevant to them:

localized and targeted product offer capabilities  

Marketers know targeted offers outperform generic ones in sales conversion. Real targeting requires a level of granularity many solutions can’t provide. EcoRebates' tools give clients the ability to target product offers and track measurable results improving marketing effectiveness and ROI.

  • Promote specific products at the SKU level 
  • Customize offers with location-aware targeting 
  • Display offers dynamically as users search  
  • Add 'Where to Buy' functionality to localize purchase activity
  • Track detailed results (by promotion, category, product, redemption location, etc.) 



Omni-channel is now:

deliver product offers Across Multiple Touchpoints 

Consumers today expect shopping capabilities delivered to them across multiple touchpoints. With a flexible presentation layer, EcoRebates tools are easily deployed cross-channel, guiding the path to purchase for customers and helping dealers, distributors and sales associates promote all available product offers.

Our deployments include Web+Mobile tools combined with QR-codes for promotion. Our tools are integrated into email campaigns, banner ads, or social networks to generate traffic and sales conversion activity. 





Our secure, hosted marketing platform is comprehensive and includes thousands of product attributes with a unique aggregation of rebates, incentives, deals, and offers. But, our implementation process is simple. Using our widgets or APIs, we customize and deploy your solution in weeks without significant client IT resource investment. 

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