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Integrated Retailer Provides Instant Offer Fulfillment for Home Appliance Purchases, both Online and In-Store

Since 2009, Sears and its award-winning Green Leadership Team has used EcoRebates' cloud-hosted product offer tools to present customers with rebate offers, personalized by product SKU and zip code location. Now, the retail giant - in collaboration with utility partners - is again turning to EcoRebates to transform these offers into instant savings. As part of its integrated retail strategy, Sears is giving customers a hassle-free way to participate in additional savings right at the store register or in the online shopping cart. It's a shopping innovation where 'save more' translates to 'sell more', benefiting everyone.


Instant Offers Automatically Display on Qualifying Product PagesSears carries all top appliance brands, including many energy efficient models that can qualify for savings offered through utility, state or federal programs. The goal? Make it as easy as possible for customers to participate in these savings and upgrade to high-efficiency appliances. 

How it Works Customers continue to shop when and how they want - online, in-store and with their mobile devices. In qualifying locations, they automatically see offers near price information as they browse product pages.

The EcoRebates' Instant Rebate Platform data and processing engine performs the complex matching by product and zip code to filter, select and display only the available and relevant offers and details. No more info overload.

Rebate savings from utility automatically deducted from order Customers simply place the product in the shopping cart and proceed with the transaction – no claim forms to mail, no coupons and no promo codes to remember. EcoRebates' rules-based engine supports the data validation steps necessary to fulfill the offer within the transaction processing flow. In addition, EcoRebates enables order tracking and reporting to reconcile offer funding through all parties and provide valuable purchase insights.     


Instant offer redemption for third-party sponsored incentives dramatically transforms the rebates and promotions landscape. Sears is leading the way by aligning its brand and utility partners around an incentive delivery platform that drives measurable sales increases and customer satisfaction.    

  • Unmatched Customer Shopping Experience   Sears is giving its members and customers exactly what they want - the easiest way to access instant savings - from $30 to $500 - on the purchase of home appliances and other products.

  • Complete Product Offer Platform    From offer discovery to fulfillment, EcoRebates makes it easy for Sears to collaborate with its utility partners and differentiate its products with thousands of personalized offers and continued enhancements to the process. Instant redemption drives additional sales by maximizing customer participation and savings. 

  • Simplified and Seamless Deployment    EcoRebates handles the complexity, managing the large quantities of necessary data and making the participation process for all parties easy and clear. On-boarding for additional participants, such as utilities, has been designed for simplicity. Plus, reporting and customer purchase insights are included. 

  • Continuous Improvement   Enhancements to the online and in store processes continue based on feedback from utility partners and mutual customers.

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