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Building Blocks for Offer-Driven Commerce

EcoRebates delivers a scalable, enterprise class SAAS platform for targeted product promotion and incentive management.

The platform combines multiple, large data sources including product and product attributes; federal, state and utility incentive programs; manufacturer/trade promotions; merchant deals; and other offer types to optimize offer delivery and end customer engagement. Our powerful engine presents highly-targeted, location-specific, SKU level offers that are relevant and engaging.

Consumers, sales associates and others interact with our tools at all points in the purchase cycle, including: 

The EcoRebates' platform provides multi-channel product offer capabilities that are unmatched in the industry, driving insights based on detailed reporting and analytics. Clients easily create, display and fulfill product incentives without having to coordinate, validate or integrate multiple data sources and systems.
Find out how the EcoRebates' platform can Power Offer-Driven Commerce for your organization.


A Marketing Platform for Product Offers


Data drives our solutions

We know data. Through on-going coordination with all stakeholders, our Program Data team continuously verifies our data and ensures timely and relevant updates. We also monitor regulatory and policy trends, where applicable, and corporate best practices in order to expand both the data we capture and the functionality we provide with it.   

Any Type of Product Offer

Product offers are called many things - rebates, incentives, deals, promotions - and come from multiple sources. We aggregate these offers by working with utilities, manufacturers, retailers and other service providers to generate offer results using our a rules-based engine that filters search results by product SKU and zip code location. 


Utility Rebates

Nationwide, there are thousands of utility, state and municipal funded energy-efficiency incentives for consumers and homeowners. These programs vary significantly across geography, service areas, and households with complex product eligibility requirements. It’s no wonder consumer participation remains low.

Yet, some states and utilities have proven these programs can work and budgets are growing. Nationwide, billions of dollars are available for energy efficiency rebate programs on products from household appliances such as refrigerators and clothes washers to home improvement products such as furnaces, insulation or doors & windows. As these programs generate significant energy reduction results, more products are being considered for inclusion. Our utility data is nationwide and includes programs from large investor-owned-utilities (IOUs) to small cooperatives and municipalities.

Trade Promotions

Manufacturer's product rebates (trade promotions), prevalant across many industry and product categories, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are specific to certain retailers or distributors or involve co-promotions. Others recur monthly. There are financing-related offers and service-based ones such as free installation or delivery. Increasingly, there are 'daily deals' or in-store or online-only specials. Most, if not all, have SKU-level requirements and complex eligibility requirements. Working as an offer broker for our clients, we incorporate all of these offers into our platform.   

Program Coverage - Growing Product Categories 

Our Program Coverage Report tracks the product categories included in our platform. Within the household appliance category, this summary level report shows a sample of products and the breadth of data we collect. It identifies the number of active programs nationwide, the average rebate savings, and the population covered for each product category we track.

Contact us to see a complete list of product categories. 

Product Attributes

We maintain comprehensive product master data in the product categories we cover (e.g., home improvement, appliances, electronics, etc.) With hundreds of thousands of individual products captured, we maintain a robust list of product attributes. Standard attributes include: 

  • Stock-Keeping unit (SKU)
  • Model number
  • Retailer item number
  • Product specs, images, description and marketing information

We also capture more complex product and program metadata, such as Energy Star ratings, Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) standards, and product performance standards such as AHRI. Technical specifications, warranty data, energy usage and/or savings measurements and other 'ecodata' product attributes are included as well.