Simplifying Midstream Incentive Management 

Energy efficiency is in demand. Utilities with energy savings targets look to accelerate programs that work.

Midstream/upstream programs have potential. But with thousands of eligible products, changing qualifications and complex data requirements, utilities are challenged to manage costs and error rates for existing programs, or recruit retail and manufacturing partners for new initiatives. 

EcoRebates delivers a turnkey service platform that eliminates common midstream program challenges and ensures success.    


EcoRebates Platform - a solution for utility program growth

With EcoRebates, utilities and third-party providers can transform midstream and upstream energy incentive programs to drive a greater share of savings. We help you optimize these programs by eliminating the complexity and automating high-volume and complex data flows. The result is minimized costs and errors and maximized participation.

Our service:

  • Connects the parties. We make it easy for retailers and manufacturers to participate.
  • Handles the data. We process multiple, disparate retailer POS feeds in daily batches.
  • Validates the products and transactions. Our reports spell out program results for fast settlement.



Hosted Platform 
Enterprise class security and reliability delivered without IT resource requirements

Data Processing
Automated validation of multiple POS feeds against program criteria & rules reduces error rates by 30%

Dynamic Database
Hundreds of thousands of products with up-to-date efficiency and performance attributes

Customized Fulfillment
Built-in program incentive payment flexibility (buy-down, mark-down, at POS) for program innovation 
New programs, products and participants added quickly & easily
Reporting & Analytics
Streamline settlement with intuitive monthly reporting generated for all participants (including MV&E)  


Benefits EcoRebates Delivers

TVs & Monitors - common in midstream programs Enhanced Accuracy
Our automated data processing eliminates the need for cumbersome spreasheets and reduces product validation error rates by up to 30%. Know the true cost and savings generated for these multi-party programs.

Reduced Complexity
We offer a turnkey service - signing up the participants and handling all data exchanges. Participants don't need to commit IT resources to manage these programs.

Single Platform for Program Growth
EcoRebates provides a solution that grows with your expanding energy efficiency/demand-side management needs. Shorten program development, add new products, expand participants and control costs.


How it works

Utilities work with EcoRebates' tools to optimize their Midstream/Upstream programs. Our deployment is fast and easy, yet customized to meet your program requirements. The process below outlines the steps we take to implement and maintain your program. 



Reporting is critical to program success. We generate automated reporting for all participants. Monthly summary reports total qualified product sales by retailer and are used for invoicing. The accompanying detailed transaction reports show product level validation, including efficiency criteria requirements and reasons for disqualification. 

CLICK TO ENLARGE - Monthly summary submitted to all participants CLICK TO ENLARGE - Detailed transactions for program accountability

We support all product types. Often, products that have high-impact for these programs are complex to track and qualify, with quickly changing retail product assortment and evolving product efficiency criteria.

Our product database is extensive, supporting hundreds of thousands of product SKUS with the most current efficiency standards (ENERGY STAR, CEE, AHRI, etc.) and performance standards. We simplify complex product data and support:

 Programs include products to seal & insulate homes

  • Lighting (LED, CFL)
  • Consumer electronics (TVs, Monitors, Advanced Power Strips)
  • Appliances 
  • HVAC 
  • WaterSense (Toilets, Faucets, Shower heads)
  • Weatherization (Windows, Doors, Insulation, Caulking)
  • Custom product categories (Upon request)





Midstream and upstream programs provide incentives directly to retailers and manufacturers who sell energy efficient products to consumers. Successful programs are cost effective with retailers seeing significant unit sales volume growth and utilities generating measurable energy savings (kWh/yr).