Optimize the Consumer Experience with Online and In-Store Instant Offer Fulfillment

We've all seen it happen. A product promotion languishes. The mail-in form is confusing. The 3 month wait for savings deters action. But, program sponsors have had few options.

Now, imagine a game-changing process that transforms consumer indifference into delight and more than doubles program participation!

EcoRebates' Instant Offer solution optimizes consumer incentive programs both online and in-store by delivering a simple and secure 'SHOP-BUY-SAVE' experience.

Boost Program Performance and Product Sales 

EcoRebates' Instant Rebate platform is the only solution that intersects consumers as they shop with any type of product offer on any assortment of products - appliances, lighting, HVAC and more - AND handles rebate fulfillment instantly as they purchase, driving measurable results for everyone. 

  • Guide consumers as they SHOP products using WEB and MOBILE Rebate Finder tools
  • Give consumers the confidence to BUY by qualifying eligible purchases in real-time 
  • Deliver an instant way to SAVE and power-up your product benefits message 

No matter whether utilities and retailers chose online deployment or in-store deployment, our solution boosts program participation and increases product sales while transforming the consumer rebate and incentive experience from indifference to delight. Find out how it works.


Hosted Platform
Enterprise-class secure and reliable platform offers fast, hassle-free service deployed without dedicated IT resources
Data Processing
Automated, rules-based engine validates all ofer types, products and transactions with POS data exchange

Cross Channel Tools 
One platform delivers online, ecommerce, in-store and mobile engagement tools to intersect consumers

Robust API Layer
Simple, seamless integration at retail and/or utility system level

Flexible Payment Options
Programs customized to include mix of instant markdown; prepaid debit card; branded gift card; or cash-back card programs

Reporting & Analytics
Platform simplifies audit and settlement through weekly transaction reporting for all parties


BENEFITS ecorebates delivers

Enhanced Performance, More Sales. Simplified rebates drive substantial program performance. That means more sales for retailers and higher up-take for program sponsors.

Customer Engagement. Turn the rebate experience from indifference to delight with an all digital, branded process that allows for on-going engagement.

Program Accountability. Gain crystal clear visibility on program attribution, validation, and sales patterns. Align all partners with error-free, cost-effective settlement and reporting.



EcoRebates works with retailers, utilities, brands and other program sponsors to offer in-store and online instant rebate programs. Our complete platform makes it easy to chose the deployment and fulfillment options best suited to your needs. See below to learn how you can deliver a simple and secure SHOP-BUY-SAVE experience. 


Motivate store visits

  • Merchandise eligible rebates using QR-codes in print media and mobile 'where to buy' features.
  • Inform in-store product research with easy mobile Rebate Finder access.
  • Empower sales associates to use Rebate Finder tools to engage with customers.
Guide product selection
  • Rebate Finder highlights products with any rebate type on 'browse and buy' and category pages.
  • Integrate rebate search into category filters.
  • Show available rebate savings automatically on product detail pages, product list pages, and in Rebate Center pages.



Eliminate delays and indifference
  • Give customers instant rebate visibility with real-time product and transaction validation
  • Enable customers to complete rebate request through branded in-store kiosks, email or online claim portal.
Simplify transactions with in-cart capabilities
  • Streamline transactions - pass qualifying instant rebate information directly into shopping cart.
  • Integrate rebate with ecommerce checkout processes, allowing customers to review/accept program requirements. 

Enhance shopping experience
  • Deliver rebate savings instantly to customers as register discount or as prepaid card.
  • Empower energy efficiency message by motivating action at point of sale.
  • Offer other payment choices (gift cards or cash-back card programs.) 

Increase repeat shopping

  • Present rebate savings as a reduction in tender in the shopping cart.
  • Strengthen online energy efficiency program message and action.
  • Offer other payment options (gift cards or prepaid debit cards.) 



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