For Manufacturers & Brands

You'd like to market your brand directly to consumers as they shop…

  • Enhance your brand with unique and compelling product offers  
  • Improve your ROI in trade promotions, co-op funds or other dealer incentives
  • Direct and fulfill sales through designated channels - authorized dealers, local distributors, or other specific outlets
  • Measure campaign effectiveness of customized co-marketing promotions with trackable purchase redemption data
  • Simplify and automate the process of finding and merchandising offers for end customers
  • Execute without a dedicated staff to track and manage the thousands of different programs, aggregate the offer sources, and ensure compliance 

How our tools help 

EcoRebates Incentive Management Platform aggregates utility energy efficiency rebates, manufacturer rebates, trade promotions, and any other type of offers to provide a unique opportunity for you to sell more high-efficiency products.

Our solutions increase sales conversions by 10-15% and drive purchase-ready consumers through your authorized distribution channels for product sales.

Our specialized 'Where-to-buy' functionality transforms a traditional dealer map into an actionable point of sale filter, aligning both brand and merchant.

How you’ll benefit

  • Measurable local sales conversions and dealer/merchant success
  • Simplified, on-brand direct marketing promotion execution with multi-channel reach
  • Visibility and control all the way through to point of sale
  • Measure results, track performance 

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