Solutions to Serve Commercial Customers 

You serve commercial customers. So do we.

EcoRebates’ industry-leading hosted offer management platform drives measurable 10-15% sales lift by serving up relevant offers for residential customers. 

Now customers in the commercial arena – builders, architects, contractors, property managers, small and medium businesses and more – can engage with targeted, localized product offers as they make or recommenbd purchase decisions.



Web+Mobile Rebate Finder Tools for Commercial

With our leading Rebate Finder tools, commercial customers can find which products qualify for savings across all categories. From water heaters and boilers to refrigerators and more, a few simple clicks can save a project thousands of dollars.  

Your commercial customers want your products. Help them maximize efficiency, quality and savings by providing them rebate finder tools. 



Hosted Platform 
Enterprise-class secure and reliable platform offers fast, hassle-free service deployed without dedicated IT resources
Promotion Platform  
Rules-based engine allows for targeted, localized offer management and distribution

Dynamic Database 
Hundreds of thousands of products with performance and promotion attributes for all incentives (mfg, utility, and retailer)

Promotions, campaigns, programs and products added quickly & easily

Simple, Seamless Execution 
From easy ‘widget’ deployment to robust API layer integration

Reporting & Analytics
Platform generates actionable promotion and product performance metrics for all parties