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With over $50B in revenue, Best Buy is a multi-channel global retailer and developer of technology products and services. The company is committed to developing and implementing business strategies that bring sustainable technology solutions to its consumers and communities.



Appliance Rebate Finder - Category PageMobile Category Rebate Finder The BBY team wanted to give their customers web+mobile tools to find – both online and in-store – local rebates on products that would help them save energy and money on ‘big ticket’ appliance purchases.

Using our API, we helped the BBY team create a fully-integrated solution to deploy Rebate Finder tools across their web+mobile platforms.

The solution includes:

Rebate Finder is embedded into BBY’s award-winning mobile app, guiding in-store product research as customers can ‘Check for Local Rebates’ with a single finger-swipe. Mobile Product Detail Page

Rebate Finder - Product Detail PageThe BBY dedicated Appliance Rebate Finder web page allows customers to search, by location, rebates for all products and categories.

Rebate Finder search results, embedded on product details pages of the BBY website & mobile app, display automatically when a local rebate is available for the specific product SKU of interest.

Monthly Custom Reporting delivered directly to the BBY team inbox tracks ‘Rebate Search’ results, measuring conversion of online behavior to in-store sales.


Location-based, product-specific rebate offers – delivered seamlessly across all channels where Best Buy customers shop – is not just a valuable sales conversion tool, it is a sustainable solution as well.

  • Cross Channel Accessibility
    By delivering web+mobile tools, BBY is meeting its customer whenever and wherever he or she may want to research, compare and purchase ‘information-intensive’ products such as appliances. The result - enhanced customer engagement both online and in-store.
  • Sales boost 
    BBY’s team uses rebate savings offers as a sales conversion tool that generates category growth without margin erosion. Rebate Finder uses utility incentives (and can add other offers) to show product offers available to the consumer.
  • Branded, rich-content solutions
    Homeowners see value in reducing home energy use with the purchase of high-efficiency appliances. Rebate Finder tools are seamlessly embedded across BBY’s retail platforms, strengthening the retailer’s position in home energy management with technology that informs and inspires consumers to make efficiency upgrades that save energy and money. 

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